Monday, September 22, 2008

judas escariot, murder of ceasar. fighting for glory, cross and double cross

"halik ni Judas"
judas escariot, maybe the most maligned of the apostles.

In my lifetime I have encounterd a lot of Judases

my back is full of wounds, thrust by swords of friends and foes

I know of some one, an ex local official who lost in an election who has been close to be, I give them all he needs to recover, what he needs, an office, a service vehicle, power and income.....i consulted him in some matters, however , a few days after the start of 2000 recall election. he was in the camp of our opponent

The most difficult thing to spot is a foe feigning as a friend in politics. I would like to name quite a few incidents in my life where 30 pieces of silver has always changed hand to betray me and my family.

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