Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Money isnt everything

in 1994, a certain Flor mendoza owes me 550,000 pesos . i convince her to issue me several checks for it. and later it all bounced one at a time, that brought about my filling of a case of BB 22 estafa against her at Makati RTC.
after several hearing for the criminal case, she was devastated and humiliated because in 3 hours her warrat of arrest will be release that day.

later by reasons my adherance to my faith, I nonchalantly offered her my withdrwal of my cause of action against her for 550,000 if she could promise me in wriiting lifetime prayers for life for the health of my parents......

she cannot beleive what iam saying, but up to this day i do beleive that money is not everything in this world. i just felt good i did it, i have it xeroxed and notarized and just show everbody about this

yes iam 500,000 poorer, but it feels good no amount of money can bring, until now i have the document with me

In 2007 during the hearing of garbage contract for Pasay city,
talagang inaral ko lahat ng aspetong contrata, compare ko sa other contracts, compare ko din sa program of work, there are things na napansin ko na alanganin, na mai award agad to a contractor with out first really verifyng

lahat ng mga kasama ko naka pirma, ako lang ang hindi pumirma kasi i know na argabyado ang lungsod, pati sa hearing ay hinarang ko ang contract.

in the end, masaya ako kasi may dagdag ako na papel na hawak ko na ako lang ang di na ka pirma, it feels good again.

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