Tuesday, September 30, 2008

here are some rare aircraft that i have fly.... caravelle with afrench engine, Coronado 880

YS 11 nihon - a japanese built aircraft, but powered by rolls royce dart engine, his is the bulk of philippine airlines prop fleet in the 70's. this is the most succesful japanese aircraft since ww2. until 2008 some local philippine airline company used these.

fokker 50 used my PAL air manla and Filipinas Airways. this is made to compete with C47 in the 1960's this is a Dutch company that make Fokker 70, 100.

lockheed elecktra L 188 i have flown this tye of aircraft from Davao to manila in a red eye flight (mercury flight)it is a 4 engine prop jet, it is one of he last props to enter service.

i have fly in one of these caravelle jets from Taipe to manila in 1974, China airline, during those times ROC was still under martial law

BAC 111 - is the first aircraft type ive flown in 1965 from manila to Bacolod , i was 5 years old then. when we reach Bacolod, we right away boarded to the return flight home.

this is one of the classic jets of its time, convair coronado , much smaller than a 707 and a DC8 but has a much higher speed . it lost to boeing and mcdonel douglas because it has fewer tha 30 seats that boeing and mcdonnel douglas

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