Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Crazy things that i enjoy doing!

bago kumandidato si daddy ko ng Mayor in 1998, dapat namin pahinain ang political base ni Mayor Cuneta, at isa sa pinaka popular sa kampo nya noon ay s boy Mcnutt, mahusay humawak ng tao, makisama at talagang may lderato.
dahil dito sa arangan ng politika at sa mag resoces na available sa akin noon ay gumawa ako ng plan at implementtion na pahinain ang knyang mga pinag kikitaan ng pera, mula sa sakla, video karera ng anak at iba pa, hangang lumaki to ng na arest ya ni Gen Maganto.

I have alot of Crazy things and Ideas that makes a difference. here are some of the few that are funny and real..... my intention is really to have a better pasay City, that no amount of money, no amount of friendship, no amount of pakikisama will alter.

1. I want to get rid of the sin city image of Pasay city- I personally raided videokarera joints, sakla joints, any game of chance. i collect "sakla dehado " every raid and hang it in my office, i smash videokarera and throw out the coins to the public.
i did research about this case, owners of gambling devices will have no legal protection if their illegal gambling units like video karera is smashed, i tried this 25 times no law suit was filed against me, i even dared anyone to file.

when returning home i usually make a round and if the is pula puti or color game is "peryahan" i get the game there and then. sometimes if i feel the local police block is timid i write a formal request for raid, af the joint is not raided i request for a new block commander.

2. i give rewards of up to 10,000 per video karera confiscated and be burned in front of city hall every flag ceremony.

3. I give 2,5000 reward for every snatcher caught along buendia, edsa. At city hall more or less around 11am at least 3 snatchers are shown to me, together with a complainant, that is everyday.

4. along edsa i patrol it in my own car and look for snatcher and warned them personally, i even show them my 22 LR ruger that i will use scope 22 LR and spit bullets into their heels. I also instructed all my drivers to stop and apprehend or give assistance , one time my son was with them during an apprehension

5. I scold policemen in uniforms when I caught them having drinking session along FB Harrison, they parked their mobile cars and a case of beer, i right away called on our COP to conduct a alcohol test that find s the positive.

6. I personally removed a corpse along mabolo street that has no relative, his body is being used as a reason to play and engage in sakla for 3 weeks with no plan of burial.

7.I chased away paranaque police operations conducting police operations in our aor, arrested them and brought them to city hall detachment

8.I personally chase, get the keys of some hard head bus companies who use Taft ave as their bus station

9.I throw 100,000 worth of bribe money in front of the face of the bribe giver inside my office in full view of reporters and ordered his arrest on the spot

10. i had 100,000 stickers made "FVR please help pasay get rid of bold shows" in which the then cop now general debated me in radio and i proved that bold show existed, unknowingly sec barbers was listening in the air, he was removed in a day.

11. I pay just to have n airtime in radio, to say what i want to say......... for three hours 2 x a week, in my drive against gambling, bold shows, corruptions and others

12. my favorite is I always "pahuli" to MMDA and TMG, if they ask for a bribe which they did always ..... BULAGA......sila

13. I turn down millions of pesos of bribe from garbage contractors just to impress my dad that iam incorruptible. 2 of these incident was witness by "eddie kuto" who approached me and hand me a plastic bad containing money , it happened during the birthday of councilor mateo at fb Harrison

14. I argue with a policeman re one way side which is not suppose to be because of incompatibility clause....... I push him in my car to arrest him for ignorance of the law.

15. during a committee hearing in which it was suppose to be a public hearing , but it turn out not, I called every body to attend and open the door so any ants rodents can listen, they later on change the hearing venue to the session hall. if they want a secret meeting they should have called it an executive meeting not a hearing

16. during a committee hearing, i really prepare myself in detail, that it would be very difficult to find a lapse in my thoughts, at one committee hearing i even gathered archived cases against the subjects , and investigate it in micro .

17. when some people ask my help i really show my desire to help, once there where people who harass fish dealers, i immediately act to stop the harassment by search the body of the bully's of weapons personally, in front of his armed followers.

for anyone reading my blog, i just want you to know that there are people in the government who really are men for others, but for me the reason I am doing this is really not for the money , but for the name of my father, that is the most honest to goodness admission !

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