Sunday, September 21, 2008

Col. Asher A. Dolina callsign: IBEX I should have supported him than give in to political pressure from Iglesia ni Cristo.

Colonel Asher Dolina, our former chief of Police, a PMA graduate a good friend and loyal friend of mine. he is a hard working police officer, strict, and very loyal.

but due to pressures of politics and iglesia ni cristo, I let him down, until now i felt guilty of what I shoud have done to be his friend, during those april weeks, i disregard frienship and trust....... my head swelled with power, and until now i felt guilty, i let a friend down....
i remember then a no 3 man of Iglesia ni Kristo went to my office just to ask for my support to remove Asher.......

It was one of the biggest mistake in my life, "Pinag palit ko Kaibigan ko sa politika"

i should have supported him more then............. he is a good man

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