Monday, September 29, 2008

daily update of joc, nsc and ate ina....


dad just finish taking a bath , waiting for his care giver to dress him up, as i was cooking hambuger and omellete for him in the kitchen, he should have a obligatory egg dish in the morning, sometimes i just serve the white of egg and put some aromatics onions and chives , but he prefer the old fashion way , same as ate ina.
mommys diiet is very different, she has to have no beef, chicken in her diet, if her creatinine is raise, which we will now in a few hours, we will have t go back to no meat diet again to delay hemodyalisis for her.
I firmly belive that for her turning to vegetarian has delayed the deterioration of her kidneys...

this is sept 29,2008 photo of ate ina in his room. she is recovering from influenza, but his appetite and fitness is back, she was able to pray rosary aloud today.
take note of the all wooden room, with very high ceiling, this is the oldest room in our house, it use to be my parents room in 1960, in which i spent the first 7 years of my life at this room. until now the light swithes ate still the same once that i use to flick up to open the lights in 1960's everytime i was here at this room it brings old memories, like i hear the "bicol express train" at 6:oo am every morning, jeepneys passing by at night, even pedestrians talking in the steet ....

my mother having his creatinine, Blood urea nitrogen, Total protein , Chole and k+, Na+ ng magnesium being taken by a medthech at our home.

mommy, raising her legs to aid in circulation

" I made this section in my blog to update my sister theresa who now works as a dentist in California , to see our dad and mom and ate ina, thru , my blog"

ill update this regulary in this same posting

sept 30, 2008
i cooked for my parents today the ff:
daddy and ate ina: puchero for lunch and apritada for dinner
for my mother is egg noodles with bits of white breast and thick sauce
after i read to them the morning news of the inquirer, which i do daily, they are so intersted about the naugthyness of china in doing business, dad comment is that they are responsible for corruption, fake products, and shabu.
later they interupted me to say that they all what to know thier horoscope
daddy and mommy is gemini
ate ina is piesis
te and nana are taurus
everyday i do this to my parents,
i go to the market, cook for them, and tell them storytelling i enjy every second of it. here are some photos today

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