Tuesday, September 23, 2008


sometimes i close my eyes and compare myself to ancient son warriors of chieftains, who lead warriors to battle for the honor and glory of his father.

" we dont use swords and cavalry, lancers and archers, but we use persuation, show of force, negotiations and a big smile on our face. "

"in some political families, thier sons and daugthers are groomed to follow the foot step of thier father, in my case it is not, my task is to up hold and maintain the glory for my father. "

maybe this is destiny for me.

In 1998 I was suppose to first try my luck and run as a councilor, some very close to me supported me to run.my father and my family seems not inclined to let me run, they want me to support and do my usual support plans and tactics for the mayoral fight of my father.

I did follow the advice of my father to withdraw, in order to unify his party, my withdrwal does alienate me from people very very close to me

When i enter politics as a candidate, i entered it relunctantly because iam forced to run, because my father cannot anymore run and govern due to health conditions

* ang hindi ko maka limutan ay jan 1988 election, nag laban cuneta-calixto joc at peewee, pang 3rd si JOC, mga tao sa bahay ay sira ang loob, nag iyakan na. sbi sa akin ni joc " palakasin ko daw ang loob ng mga tao sa baba" eto order nya sa akin na eto , ay pinaka mahirap gawin sa lahat.

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