Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Friends are Gold..... SOME ARE SILVER

white chicken, a wai ying all time favorite

i just spend one sunday afternoon with an old fried and his wife , kuya resty and ate luding

wai ying restaurant at Benavidez st. it is so full on a sunday , thier white chicken is ver delicious, after we passed by arangke market and buy paros and bamboo shells for them, i really missed them alot, they use to saty in malibay, , now they are based in antipolo, in my high school days i use to discuss all sort of topics with kuya resty, he is an erudite (like me)
ate luding is aacancer patient ( bowel cancer) in my highschool days there were times that she and several matrons accompany me to USA ( seatle, Chicago, st louis mo. charleston wv,Wash DC, NYC, LAX and SFO....... and orlando.
Kuya resty is a well read peson who also likes gadgets and stuff. he is wel traveled in his youth , as far as south africa, India and the far east, i could spend long hours and discuss a lot of topics with him. way back I want to join us with our trip to switzerland with my family on a holiday, a sort of reward for his friedship and loyalty to me, but due to times contrained at the swiss embassy I wasnt able to .

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