Friday, September 26, 2008

I did scold and shout at an ASec in his office for insulting my father

one time we were invited for a party meeting in the office of a sittingasec who is also a party co chairman, in his speech, he did attack my father with impunity, I was so disapointed for he is using his comfort zone in bully pulpit. my father was not present , i was his rep.
the longer\te sppech , the more viseral his attack is becoming, i stand up and ask him why was he attcking a person who is not present, and more so it was in his office.

he goes on and on..... until i pointed\a finger and ordered him to sit down, and we had a shouting match in his very office, i dont care where we are as long as ur attacking the integrity of my father in a wrong forum

peacefull party memebers intervene, i dared him to hurt me with his men and security in his office, but he backed down,

later on everyone was cheering me for my composure and rightousness and for my guts in defendeing my father in that asaec turf

i will not name the asec, but he is dead now and was located in our aor

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