Sunday, September 28, 2008

US debate and ate ina's health

at around breakfast , she doesn't have appetite, so we bought ensure, for her, at around 5pm or after 10 hours ate is now OK 120/8 and answering my phone calls when i check them

daddy, talking to me regarding some issues in the news paper, he is always updated in the news

this is dad today. Sept 28,2007
at this photo he is talking to me regarding the performance of Obama in the debate vs McCain, he said he is misguided by CNN and inquirer headline, that he doesn't know who really won in the foreign policy debate.
what i notice with my dad is, if there is a world crisis or some eminent incident national and foreign he is very much into monitoring it, just like before, we talked in the early mornings like 3am o 4am about work, politics and others, now i miss his 3am phone calls.
he is very busy now about us elections, world economy and also.... his dial horoscope
ate ina, running feve and weak at this photo, after ensure and a few hour rest she is back to normal

at the photo is nida and baby feeding her and combing her hair,
i feel so sad today.
when she is sick her blood pressure shoots up to 170/80

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